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Omega Speedmaster dark side of the moon apollo 8 watch,buy Omega Speedmaster watches replica discount

When Baselworld came along, you could rely on certain things. One of them, of course, was a new version of the venerable replica omega watches . For the first time in a long time, we’re seeing them with a semi-skeletal dial – some of you may remember a few from the 90s and early 2000s. On the one hand, I’m sad to see any part of the Moon Crater dial face disappear, but they do it for a very cool reason. This is the dark side of the Omega Speedmaster Lunar Apollo 8.

It’s now 50 years since the Apollo 8 mission. It was NASA’s second manned space flight and the first to orbit the moon and return to Earth. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that this was the first time the dark side of the moon was directly observed by the human eye.

To commemorate Apollo 8’s passage through the dark side of the moon, they actually made two different modifications to the movement. The lighter colour at the top (which you can see on the dial at 6 to 9 o’clock) represents the lighter side of the moon. Flip the watch over and you’ll see that the face of the hand-wound movement is much darker, representing the darker side of the moon. Not only are these two tones cool, but they retain the theme. Few people have seen the dark side of the moon – Few people will see the dark side of the movement unless they take the watch off.

One of the people who has seen the dark side of the moon is Command Module Pilot Jim Lowell. His words, “We’ll see you on the other side,” are engraved on the case of the Lunar Apollo 8 Omega Speedmaster Shade. Suitable to appear on a watch.

While it may not be thematically appropriate, I do like the use of yellow on the Dark Side of the Omega Speedmaster Moon Apollo 8 (and say thematically, since there’s no NASA tie there at all). replica omega seamaster watches does say they first used it on what I think is a 1968 Speedmaster, so it goes with the watch’s The pedigree is closely related. I just think it fits in with the already dark watch.

Some people may be put off by the new Speedmaster, and for those people it’s safe to say that the dark side of the Omega Speedmaster Moon Apollo 8 probably won’t help them much. For me, I tend to use the non-chrono or Speedmaster wide arrow interpretation. That is to say, even I – a non-chronograph guy – will find a lot to like here. The design of the watch stays consistent with the brand and its pedigree, while getting some pretty cool (and somewhat subtle) hints in it in recognition of the pioneering Apollo 8 flight. While I probably don’t plan on owning one of these, I found no shortage of things to like.

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Buy OMEGA Seamaster Professional watches replica sale

In 1995, James Bond returned to the GoldenEye screen. For the first time in the history of the film series, an OMEGA watch appeared on the wrist. To be precise, it was the Seamaster Diver 300M, part of the OMEGA Seamaster Professional line. This close relationship between James Bond and OMEGA has been going on for over 20 years. However, most of Bond’s replica omega watches are Seamaster Professionals.

Validation from the world’s most famous super spy is important, but OMEGA Seamaster Professional models already have a rich history.

To commemorate OMEGA’s 100th anniversary in 1948, the brand launched the Seamaster, whose beautiful looks and slight water resistance make it an elegant and active men’s watch. As the oldest collection still produced by Omega, the Seamaster has been repeated many times in its history. The “Professional” line was added to the Seamaster line in 1957, with the introduction of the first Seamaster 300.

With Omega’s commitment to producing rugged, professional dive watches, the Seamaster has become the preferred choice of professional divers, including Jack Kusto, the British Army and the COMEX team. …

OMEGA Seamaster Professional Model
Today, celebrities and celebs like Steve Karel, Ron Howard, Gordon Ramsey, Joe Byden and Prince William wear the replica omega seamaster watches . Professionals.

The Seamaster Professional label uses various models such as the Diver 300M, Planet Ocean 600M and Ploprof 1200M. as the name implies, Seamaster Professional Watches are designed for professional divers. These watches are constructed to withstand deep sea environments. Many models are also equipped with a Helium Exhaust Valve (HEV). This allows the watch to automatically release any accumulated gas to prevent internal damage.

As the latest alternative to the first Seamaster Professional Edition, the Diver 300M is the most affordable and most popular of the Professional series. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Diver 300M is available only with a black dial and black bezel, or with a blue dial and blue bezel. replica omega uk offers the Diver 300M in chronograph and GMT versions, as well as a 28mm quartz watch for women.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is not only more powerful, but also more luxurious. It is also available in various metals, complications, bracelet materials, dial and bezel colors. It is also the most versatile of the Seamaster Professional series.

In 2009, OMEGA reintroduced the old Ploprof and offered an updated version. The original Ploprof was launched in 1970 as an extreme diving watch, capable of diving up to 600 meters (2,000 feet). Today’s version can dive to an incredible 1,200 meters (4,000 feet). The current version of the Ploprof retains the unique look of the original watch. On the left is the barrel cover and the accompanying protector.

Sponsored by the Royal Navy, Jack Custo, 007 and others, the Omega Seamaster Professional proves its worth as a rugged dive watch.

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buy Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38mm watch replica watches discount

The Omega Constellation is not one of the main Omega watches on my radar. This fact is interesting to me because I’m usually a big fan of Omega watches. Talking to Omega becomes meaningful and interesting when you consider it. The world is divided into two main Omega markets. These are the Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster markets and the Omega Constellation and Devil markets.

The United States is primarily the market for Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster. In other words, if Omega’s statements are correct, they will sell more Devil and Constellation models in the East. As such, these dress-up models are not a major part of Omega’s western image, but dress-up watches rather than sports watches make up the bulk of Omega’s overall sales. With that in mind, I went on to review two different Omega Constellation men’s watches.

In a sense, the reviews for this watch are almost identical to those for the Constellation, which Omega has promised to release a redesigned version of next year in 2015. Thus, the current Constellation is circa 2007, just as Devil helped launch replica omega uk new in-house movement. As such, both models include the internal self-winding movement from the 8500/8600 series.

Currently, the maximum size of the Constellation men’s watch is 38mm wide. As the Western market grows in size, I think that will change next year. I personally think that for the American market, the “Omega Constellation” should be at least 40mm wide (and possibly 42mm maximum). I would like to see a reference for a stainless steel OMEGA Constellation Co-Axial Day Date 38mm watch. and an 18k Sedna Gold Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38mm Ref.

At least in the modern sense, the steel model is probably more classically a “symposium”. The Constellation has been a member of the replica omega constellation watches family since the 1950s, but in 1982 it appeared in its modern form as the Manhattan Constellation. Renowned watch designer Gerald Genta designed the Omega Constellation in the early 1960s, but was inspired by the Genta designs that were popular in the 1970s, but not the Constellation Manhattan.

The Omega Constellation Manhattan introduced the iconic “case claw” and the single-piece tapered bracelet. These are still part of the design. Of course, another major part of the Manhattan’s unique aesthetic is the Roman numeral time markers on the bezel. The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day Date Steel Date has the look of a modern Constellation watch, while the 18k Sedna gold dial is inspired by earlier Manhattan models of the Omega Constellation.

What is Sedna Gold? If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s Omega’s answer to Rolex’s Everose Gold. In other words, the 18k rose gold alloy doesn’t fade over time. Everose is a unique alloy designed to prevent the copper from wearing out and the gold from losing its “rose” color. Sedna works in the same way, which makes it even more permanent for those who buy 18k gold watches. If I remember correctly, this particular Constellation is Omega’s first 18-carat Sedna Gold Metal watch.

The Sedna Gold constellation is lovely, and the warm tones of the rose gold complement the overall design. That said, I prefer to use a two-tone constellation model when showing off the gold, as constellations always look best on certain types of steel. With its simple dial, this modern constellation is a link to replica omega uk past. We paid special attention to details such as the date frame and the angle of the face.

The OMEGA Constellation Co-Axial 38mm Sedna Gold is a unique and interesting watch that connects a series of Omega historical points. It combines the old with the new in a unique way. The case has a brown tapered alligator leather strap. Is it possible to get a complete picture of the Twelve by wearing the watch on the strap rather than on the entire bracelet?

Omega manufactures this Sedna Gold watch. The is a limited edition of the Constellation watch, which Omega first introduced in 1952. Inside the watch is the in-house self-winding Co-Axial caliber 8501. This is similar to the caliber 8500, but the 8501 adds 18-karat gold bridges and an 18-karat pink gold automatic rotor to the balance wheel.

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Buy Omega Constellation Gents 41 mm replica watches online

Last week replica omega watches unveiled the new 41 Constellation Men’s Mastertimer, a pure and precise watch, but with a larger case size that differs from the 36mm and 39mm versions that use high-tech materials. I would. Error.

The result is an elegant watch with a modern twist. Its bold look makes this watch more versatile, and it’s as easy to wear a suit in a business setting as it is to wear a casual weekend outfit.

Measuring 41mm, the new Constellation has a strong look on the wrist while maintaining a very comfortable feel thanks to its unique barrel-shaped case with no lugs. In its place, the top and bottom curved liquid faces are connected to the strap via a single metal link. The strap comes with an antibacterial rubber lining and secures to your wrist via a folding clasp.

If you prefer a metallic look, you should know that any bracelet in the Constellation 39mm line can be used with these 41mm models.

Since its introduction in 1952, the style of the new model has been defined by the details that represent the Constellation line: four iconic pins, an upper and lower half-moon bezel, Roman numerals on the bezel and a gold star on the dial.

The case’s streamlined lines have been meticulously retouched, and the edges polished and beveled to complement the satin surface. The crown has also been redesigned to enhance the style.

The dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a hemispherical shape and anti-reflective treatment on both sides. The dial features redesigned hands and hour markers inspired by the small triangular face of New York’s Freedom Tower. The hands are filled with white Super-LumiNova, making them easy to read even in the dark. The trapezoidal date hole is positioned at 6 o’clock to enhance symmetry and visual balance.

The Constellation Gents 41mm watches are available in several colors and materials. In our article, we had the opportunity to present three references within a few days. Each offers a different style.

The first reference number is and is made of stainless steel with a glossy black ceramic bezel and liquid metal Roman numerals. Rhodium grey dial, silk embossing, black hands and faceted hour markers. Price: €6,200.

Two tone watches seem very stylish, the Constellation Reference No. definitely has an eye-catching look with its stainless steel, 18K Sedna gold (proprietary rose gold alloy, gold, palladium, copper). (fused). ) and a polished blue ceramic bezel decorated with Ceragold Roman numerals. The brushed blue dial provides an ideal contrast between the hands and those made of 18-carat Sedona gold. luxury omega watch

The third 18-carat gold case (Ref is matched with a polished black ceramic bezel, which Ceragold uses Roman numerals to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. The matte black dial highlights the hands and 18-carat gold hour markers. Price: €19,500.

The dome-shaped, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal caseback features an automatic OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8900 (for steel and steel/gold/gold watches) or calibre 8901 (for gold watches). The watch. Equipped with an 18k Sedona Gold rotor and balance bridges.

Both movements run at a frequency of 25,200 vibrations per hour (3.5 Hz) and two barrels mounted in series ensure a power reserve of at least 60 hours. They are beautifully decorated with the Geneva waves of the Arabian world.

All watches are water-resistant to 5 bar (50 m / 167 ft) and are certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) as master chronographs. To distinguish themselves, the finished watches (and the movements) are meticulously tested during and after exposure to magnetic fields in excess of 15,000 gauss to ensure autonomy and water resistance. The movement is equipped with a free-spring with a silicon hairspring and thus exhibits exceptional resistance to magnetic fields.

The new 41mm Omega Constellation Men’s Chronograph has a unique look that is sure to add personality and elegance to your wrist. The price is commensurate with the quality and perfect appearance of the watch, the state-of-the-art movement and the prestige of the brand.

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Buy Omega Moonwatch Moonphase 304. watches replica

Omega’s Speedmaster Professional is a variant of the Classic Speedmaster, which has received NASA’s official space mission approval seal of approval. He contributed to astronauts on the 1965 Gemini mission, the Apollo missions of the 1960s and, most famously, the 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin trip to the moon. The design of the Speedmaster Professional has remained virtually unchanged over the years. However, replica omega uk and NASA are still working together to improve the model.

The Speedmaster is one of replica omega watches most iconic watches and has been involved in all six lunar missions. In the spirit of further exploration, this crescent phase features two infinitesimally small but realistic moons.

This 44.25 mm model has a blue frosted dial with rhodium-plated hour markers. The exact moon phase is displayed at 6 o’clock and features a finely structured metal crystal disc to capture high-resolution images of the moon.

The stainless steel case features a blue ceramic bezel with Liquidmetal™ tachymeter scale, applied to a blue leather strap with a polished brushed folding clasp.

The watch is powered by the 9904 OMEGA Co-Axial Perpetual Calendar, officially certified by METAS.

Self-winding chronograph with column wheel and Co-Axial escapement. Certified master chronometer chronometer approved by METAS and resistant to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss. Silicon balance spring, with 2 barrels mounted in series. Central hours, minutes, chronograph second hand, small seconds, date display, 12 hours 60 minutes recorder, moon phase display. Côtes de Genève with rhodium plating in vine pattern.

Stainless steel case with blue leather strap. Fixed stainless steel bezel with blue ceramic top ring showing tachymeter markers. Blue dial with bright silver-colored hands and indexes. Minute markers on the outer edge. Dial type: analog. Illuminated hands and markers. Chronograph – Two subdials showing date/small seconds and 12 hours/60 minutes. Moon phase display. Omega Calibre 9904 automatic movement with 60-hour power reserve. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Tightened crown. Transparent caseback. Case size: 44.25 mm round case shape. Width of strap: 231 mm. Deployment clasp. Water-resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet. Functions: moon phase, chronograph, tachymeter, date, hours, minutes, seconds, co-axial escapement, chronograph. Luxury watch style. Watch Label: Swiss Made. replica OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Automatic watches Men’s Watch 304.

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Buy new Omega speedmaster watch replica models

The Baselworld, held every year in Basel, Switzerland, attracts a great deal of attention from the media and watch enthusiasts, and with good reason. of. After all, this was a trade show where many of the major brands in the industry released their latest models of watches, and before releasing them to the public caused A sensation.

Omega is recognized as one of the world leaders in luxury watch design, with a long history dating back to 1848. Every year, their new releases are highly anticipated, and this year is no exception. In this article, we take a closer look at the five new models the brand is launching in 2018.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the iconic Omega Seamaster Diver 300M. The watch was first introduced in 1993. To celebrate this anniversary, replica omega watches used Baselworld Jewels’ An updated collection is introduced that retains the basics of the original design without any major changes.

Each Seamaster Diver 300M model has a diameter of 42mm, a bezel made of ceramic and a Engraved with Ceragold or white enamel dive scales. Key to the upgrade is that the scales and numerals are better able to withstand long-term fading.

Internally, the watch is also equipped with the Master Chronometer 8800 movement for even better timekeeping. precision and excellent magnetoresistance. Finally, an important design change was the repositioning of the date display window at 6 o’clock to improve symmetry.

Another product in the replica omega speedmaster watches Apollo 8, which Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission. This watch is called the “Dark Side of the Moon” because the Apollo 8 crew was the first to see the face of the moon, the first place on Earth to see it. Invisible.

The watch itself is made of black ceramic and comes with a black leather strap. The dial is skeletonized and the movement has been carefully laser ablated to create a moon spherical appearance. The movement is a slightly modified version of the calibre 1861 (known as Calibre 1861).

It is primarily a black watch with white markings, but yellow chronograph hands and accessories round out the dial. The back cover contains the words of astronaut Jim Lovell.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Seamaster Diver 300M, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the entire 70th Anniversary of the Seamaster Watch Collection. To celebrate this achievement, replica omega uk has also released a limited edition of the Seamaster 1948, which Known for its original design. …

The Seamaster series was originally released in peacetime for use by Omega during the Second World War to its military personnel Some of the technology offered. To give the new model a vintage touch, they used a brown or blue leather strap with a minimalist design.

The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 38 mm and the dial matches the silver color. However, these classic features are combined with the latest anti-magnetic and chronograph technology.

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Purchase a copy of Ocean’s “Essence” Omega Seamaster 231

The Seamaster has the look and feel of a cruise ship, the elegance and prestige of the Omega Seamaster and the water resistance and shock resistance of the Seamaster. The entire luxury high configuration Omega watch brand. Its high-end design elements have a distinctive charm.

Omega’s water-resistant watches began in 1932, but the name Seamaster was not given until 1947, during which time the brand was able to develop a new range of watches. The Seamaster has been through a lot, adding new technologies such as intense motion and a versatile look that protects the watch as it enters deeper waters. A rotating graduated bezel, a highly transparent dial, a chronograph function and more. More with diving qualities. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the explosive 231 from replica Omega Seamaster watches collection.

007 is handsome, agile and a favorite of thousands of women. It’s true that in all the James Bond movies, the watch that James Bond wears is the cheap copy omega seamaster watches . So the Seamaster 231, with its Seamaster culture and its luxurious appearance, is a must-have for men! The Seamaster 231 is a very tough watch in terms of looks.

Visually, the Seamaster 231 is a very robust and robust watch. The classic timeless design of the Seamaster 231 has been handed down from generation to generation. The large 41.5 mm stainless steel dial with stainless steel bracelet, the “teak” logo and the “Titanic” logo are all part of the Seamaster 231’s timeless design. The “concept” runs throughout the dial. The vertical grain of light on the finely crafted blue lacquer surface evokes the surface deck of a submarine. The “Optimum Co-Axial Movement” is a perfect match. Even magnetic fields above 15,000 gauss are rendered “useless” by the uncompromising quality and technical excellence of the watch’s water resistance. Reaching a depth of 150 meters.

As a professional diving watch, the steel crown is extremely finely polished. Combined with screw-in gears. The high level of luxury omega watch craftsmanship is evident. The outer and inner edges of the bracelet are treated with brushed and polished finishes, respectively. This has undoubtedly increased the watchmakers’ attention to detail. The three rows of metal links are more flexible and the comfort level increases considerably.

On the side, the case is more solid and angular, and the bezel and case are beautifully faceted and polished. The brushed metal design is also very appropriate. The firm style is also better displayed.

The sapphire crystal bottom cover on the back, the steel at the bottom is polished to a bright and glowing shine, and the core of Omega’s technology is also reflected most vividly. It hits the Omega 8500 self-winding coaxial movement. It gives the most significant improvement in precision and stability, while allowing the power reserve to increase to 60 hours. The distinctive arabesque Côtes de Genève also gives the entire back a dazzling look.

The OMEGA Seamaster 231 contains a sleek and airy look, superb durability, and a good price/performance ratio. It stands out from many other watches. It is also a very popular model in the Omega Seamaster collection.

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Buy Omega Speedmaster Professional Starmus watch replica

One of the coolest, most unique clubs in the world of watchmaking, with only a few new members. Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, mad genius/tech guru/bubbling entrepreneur Elon Musk, music wizard Brian Eno and producer of the Apollo 11 documentary are the latest winners of the Stephen Hawking Award for Science Communication. In addition to this award, a few of the selected individuals will receive an Omega Speedmaster Professional “Starmus” watch.

This year’s Starmus Festival in Zurich brought together world-renowned lighting experts from the worlds of science, art and film. Since 2016, the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication has been awarded to a small number of individuals who have enriched the lives and minds of the general public through their tireless efforts.

In presenting the first medal, Professor Stephen Hawking summed up the contribution and importance of the winners in these words: “By interacting with everyone from school children to politicians to pensioners, science communicators put science at the heart of everyday life. Bringing Science to People, Bringing People to Science. This is vital to me, to you, and to the world at large.”

Since 2017, Omega has supported the event with a special Speedmaster for the winners, and given that no awards ceremony was held in 2018, 2019 is only the second time a group has received an replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Starmus watch.

The design of the medal is reflected in the exclusive Speedmaster’s back cover (although the back cover is not painted as well as the medal itself). Featuring the image of an astronaut (Alexander Leonov, to be precise) and the “Red Special” guitar owned by and associated with Brian May of Queens, the medal embodies the diversity of miracles and pays tribute to a very different but equally inspiring field. Both have helped bring the award to life.

Former winners of the replica omega uk Special Edition Watch are musician Jean-Michel Jarre, astrophysicist and science writer Neil deGrasse Tyson and creator and actor of the long-running television series The Big Bang Theory. As you can see from the photos below, the first timepiece is completely different from this year’s model.

This year’s winning crew will receive a very special 18K Sedna™ Gold Finished Overlord Lunar Watch. The new product is based on the model known as the “First Omega in Space” – the legendary watch strapped to Walter Schirra’s wrist during the 1962 Sigma 7 mission of the Mercury program. Aesthetically, it is identical to the Omega Speedmaster “first watch” launched in 2015 with the Sedna™ gold spacecraft, except for the case. Somewhat surprisingly, though, unlike reference numbers 105.012 and 145.012, the “FOIS” model is classified by uk fake omega watches as a lunar table, which actually places it on the lunar surface. Despite the differences among purists, the gold version of the “FOIS” did excite many Speedy ard accumulators, and I think this model can do the same. This special edition Starmus, like many other Speedmasters (e.g., Dark Side of the Moon), is also classified as Moonwatch in the Omega nomenclature, and bears little resemblance to the watch that purists consider worthy of the name.

The 2017 Starmus model measures 42mm, but this model is the same size as the 2015 reference model 311. (39.7mm). This iteration of the iconic timepiece features a polished brown ceramic bezel and matte chrome nitride tachymeter scale. These warm elements are paired with the Sedna™ gold case, which perfectly matches the brown PVD subdial. The center of the dial is a contrasting opaque silver color.

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buy Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer Master Chronometer Sedna Gold watch replica

Laser ablation. In this way, uk fake omega watches drew a small earth projection in the center of the dial with such amazing details. Basically, the surface of grade 5 titanium metal in the center of the dial is polished by lasers of different intensities, and chemical reactions occur, resulting in equally strong texture and color. It is designed to remind you of the ocean and land on Earth, surrounded by a 24-hour glass ring. However, when I actually saw this dial, I was really surprised that its depth and size were hidden. This is different from the textured rotating globe that you might remember in the geography class. The visually striking end result is a long history of using ultra-modern manufacturing methods to position the map on the world chronograph dial. Last time I finished Omega manually with 2D enamel, this time I used laser 3D spraying. Either way, it is enough to keep the cartographer warm under the collar. So this is the best way.

The remaining eggshell white dial appeared in some traditional world times. Obviously there are slanted time marks, a deep wine barrel date hole at 6 o’clock, and subtle vertical stripes similar to the Aqua Terra 8500 series. The watch uses a vertical “cheek” dial. There is a 24-hour time zone around the dial, defined by a 1-hour time difference. Yes, if you really want to master the technology, there are actually 37 time zones in the world, some of which include an offset of 30 or 45 minutes, but replica omega watches says this is relatively traditional here. Thank you for the fact. Areas with daylight saving time are displayed in light blue, while areas without DST are displayed in the same gold color. The hour hand adjusts independently every hour without stopping movement. If you fall into a less common offset position, pop the crown to the third position and adjust from there.

Functionally, the new OMEGA World Timer is a bit like a traditional GMT watch, but its information can only be displayed in multiple ways. Today, its dial rotates 24 hours a day. replica omega seamaster aqua terra watches , which uses the Aqua Terra GMT 8605 a year ago, it does not rotate around the center of the dial, but around each time zone. Just read. The main time zone in the world. I especially like the method of reading 24 triangle marks from the disc, so that the wearer can easily track the line of sight from the center time to the surrounding time zone. Worldtimer is equipped with OMEGA 8938 movement (this pure gold watch is equipped with 8939 movement, gold rotor and gold ornaments). This is a non-magnetic main chronograph movement with a 60-hour power reserve.

By the way, I have built a love-hate relationship with Aqua Terra GMT in the past. On the other hand, it is gorgeous, easy to read, highly waterproof, and equipped with a universal travel movement that no one can match today, making it a real competitor of GMT. Basically, for people like me, this is almost a perfect “clock”. However, “almost” is an actionable word. No matter what belt you wear, the length of 43mm is thick and flat, with only 6.5 inches of wrist. After acknowledging the failure, I could not fully understand the troubles of the watch. It is 43 mm long and can be waterproof to 150 m before installing the new World Timer. The four representative dials (if you keep the rating here), the biggest change in the dial after careful inspection is not only the appearance of the crown and the repositioning of the teak deck, but also the dial. The shape, shape and size angle have also been changed.

The new World Timer measures 43mm x 15.5mm, which is not a compact watch, but OMEGA has improved it, such as shortening or sharpening the twisted lugs to reduce the bevel angle of the lugs. Gradually reducing the “fineness” reduces the total distance of the lugs to 50mm, making the watch closer to the wrist. Even if it is made of pure gold and weighs more than 150 grams, it is still very comfortable to wear because its highly supported leather strap is pushed directly down from the lug instead of sliding up and down like the previous generation. Push. All the redesigned content further proves the fact that the original watch case size and weight are only the elements of carpet design, and OMEGA nailed it here.

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Buy Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase Chronograph “Blue Side Of The Moon” replica

Since the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon with its fascinating black ceramic case gained popularity many years ago at Baselworld, replica omega watches has been very reluctant to adopt the phrase “(color) Side of the Moon” I am eager. The brand continues to explore various ceramic cases, producing many very different pieces. The Seamaster Planet Ocean Dive Watch also offers black and blue ceramic case versions, and the Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon is a 2017 Speedmaster Ceramic model. The latest is also the only new ceramic model in the series. The title of this title is the Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase Chronograph “Blue Side of the Moon”, which is also usually redundant.

Unlike the Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph with its own 9900 movement, the new Speedmaster Ceramic model is based on the Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronometer Moon Phase Chronograph with its own 9904 movement. The Blue Side of the Moon is basically the same as the previous Moon Phase Watch, the biggest difference being the elegant blue ceramic case. Definitely the most thorough Speedmaster ever! This is a good thing for watch fans who love blue watches, and this color theme has swept a variety of models from sports to formal watches in recent years.

replica omega seamaster watches has created cases, buttons, bezels and ceramic dials for the Speedmaster Moonphase. The dial in the moon phase window is also blue ceramic. While the surface is smooth and smooth, the blue ceramic contrasts with 18K white gold scales and hands. The Blue Side of the Moon is not suitable for everyone, but this unique and eye-catching Ceramic Speedmaster will definitely be appreciated in the coming years.

In addition, the Blue Side of the Moon Speedmaster Moonphase has a different dial and bezel style than previous stainless steel models. The latter dial is sanded by solar radiation and emits a blue metallic luster; the new ceramic dial has a deeper, subdued blue. I personally prefer to choose Blue Side of the Moon among the Blue Speed ​​Masters.

The 44.25 mm wide case is large but very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the box-shaped sapphire crystal, the 11.7 mm thick case also looks much higher than the wrist. replica omega uk succeeded in giving the Blue Side of the Moon a metal-like texture, and it is secret that the contrast of polishing and sanding unique to ceramic is reproduced in the ceramic case. This is one of the reasons why Dark Side of the Moon was so popular in the past, and this method can now be applied to the Blue model.

The 9904 movement adds a moon phase display to the timing and date functions. The symmetry of the dial is very attractive. Note that each subdial has two hands. The 9904 is arguably one of the most enjoyable modern omega movements. Of course, it also has a coaxial escapement and has passed METAS certification (and corresponding tests). It operates at a swing frequency of 4Hz and provides a power reserve of 60 hours. The beauty of this movement can be appreciated from the sapphire crystal on the case back.

OMEGA has a blue alligator leather strap. Watch lovers with a deep understanding of matching will also add a brown or dark gray strap to the Blue Side of the Moon. The challenge for the brand is to regain support from the Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon collector and unpack this new look that is similar but not sufficiently innovative. Undoubtedly, Blue will give this work a new look. , And its price is of course expensive.

Omega continues to offer fashion variations of its key products, but the problem is that most consumers may expect brands to launch more conservative pieces. Omega watch lovers can save money on their favorite watches, even on a tight budget. They really want, but can’t pocket all the new Speedmaster and Planet Ocean products.